Bad Habits

I had the misfortune to speak to one of our particular customers a few days ago, while he had a nasty cold.

Now, most people with a snotty nose would blow their nose on a regular basis, including before they make a phone call. Not this person, however.

I was greeted with a very loud, and snotty sniff every few seconds. They were extremely sickening to hear. I could actually hear this person swallowing after each one. I had to remove my headphones quite quickly on more than one occasion.

To say that I began to feel nauseous is a gross understatement. I was ready to puke all over the desk. How the hell I managed to set up a policy for this customer I don’t know. Talk about switching off and going on to auto pilot. I think that’s the only way I managed it.

I’d love to know why some people think that this type of disgusting behaviour is acceptable. It’s like when you see people gobbing all over the street, all green and slimey. But he wasn’t gobbing or spitting, he was swallowing it. Ughhhhhh


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