Pesky Flies

Back to work on Monday. I’ve enjoyed a few days off, but it’s not enough. I’d love not to work. I certainly wouldn’t get bored at home. Loads to do. No stress. No company crap. Can’t afford not to work though. Not old enough to retire either. So I will have to put myself into auto pilot for another 15 to 20 years, to get through each boring, stressful day. I’ll just have to get on with it in other words. Unless I win the lottery. Oh well, nothing wrong with dreaming.

The flies are doing me in at the moment. The cat’s not helping. I keep telling him it’s about time he earned his keep and caught a few of the little bugs. Maybe I should stop feeding him – he may catch a few then. He’s far too spoilt. He just stretches himself out further and shuts his eyes – lazy git.

My parents and grandparents were always slap-harry with the fly spray when I was a kid. I hated it. The home is where you eat, drink, sleep, etc. Why would you want to spray it with poison? I can still see them spraying the kitchen just before meal times. Urrrghhh! I’ve never bought a can of fly spray myself, I’m very happy to say. You will never find such a horrible thing in my house.

I’ve done a bit of gardening the last few days, including a bit of weeding. Couldn’t find any Tansy though. I’ve read that it’s good for keeping flies out of the house. I haven’t tried it as yet. It’s supposed to be hung over the window or door. Apparently flies don’t like it. In past years I’ve bought a few carnivorous plants. They thrive during Summer – being well fed – but die during the Winter.

On a different note…X Factor begins again tonight. I wonder if it’ll appear fixed again, like it has in previous years?


Crap Film

To fill in the rest of the details about yesterdays film – it was crap. That said it wasn’t Matt Damon. It was Sean Penn and Brad Pitt. I know there’s not much difference between Damon and Pitt. They’re both good looking, around the same age, male, actors. Very similar. Ok, I’m an idiot that I didn’t spot it was Brad Pitt!

Tree of Life the film was called. It was about childhood in the 1950’s. It was well acted but good have been a far better film.

Work wasn’t too bad today. Could have been a lot worse. It probably went ok because I was in a good mood due to the rest of the week off. I also spotted 2 magpies going in to work, 2 for joy, so that was a good omen. It wouldn’t say the day was full of joy, but it passed without me getting overly stressed, homicidal, sadistic, barbaric, or screaming for the end of the world as we know it. Yes, not a bad day at all.

I’m Getting Slack

Heck, it’s been nearly a week since my last post. I started with a post every day. I’m getting lazy! So I’m on the laptop munching sweets and watching the Tree of Life. Not sure what the films about, but it seems all religious at the beginning. It will give me a reason for my blog tomorrow. Sean Penn is in it so I’m hoping it will be good. I think the other bloke is Matt Damon, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

Yes I’m munching sweets. To be exact it’s marshmallows, various chocolates, and sweet bananas. You know the ones you get from the pick ‘n mix place – 100g for 99p. It’s actually extortionate. I got two bags – 1 for me and 1 for the grandson, and paid £10. Daylight bloody robbery. Should have gone to the pound shop – I’d have got enough for the month for the same price.

This films gone all evolution on me. Volcanic eruptions, life in the sea, now dinosaurs.

Anyway, I’m replacing the calories I used up this morning while having my facial. You burn fat while you sleep you know. I would heartily recommend this form of exercise.

The meteorite has just landed and is wiping out the dinosaurs. It’s very sad.

I also went in the jaccuzi, steam room, sauna, swimming pool, and had my first zumba class. I was bloody knackered.

Now it’s in present day and a woman is having a baby. Dead cute.

Who the hell came up with the idea of exercise? They must have been mad. I think it’s damaging to your health. It is to mine anyway. I can think of a lot better ways of burning off the calories.

The family’s praying again. Bit strange when evolution has just been on.

I’m probably going to be as sore as anything tomorrow. I’m back at work as well so that will make it worse. At least I have the rest of the week off. Not got anything planned except staying away from work until next week. I think that sounds like a very good idea.

Training All Day

A whole day of training about handling complaints. Yet again the procedure has been changed. I expect this type of thing happens in many companies. It’s very annoying for those of us at the bottom end.

On a positive note I have learnt how to get things sorted quicker if I log a complaint with anyone. Just address it to the CEO of the company.

Every company has a complaints procedure. You normally either write or phone to log your problem. It then gets passed to the complaints department who can take weeks to sort it out. If it is not resolved in 8 weeks you then have the right to take it to the ombudsman – if it is something they deal with. The ombudsman doesn’t deal with all areas. If it takes a certain length of time to resolve it has to be passed to the FCA.

By addressing the complaint to the CEO of the company, it will be dealt with at a higher level and therefore get resolved quicker. There’s also a better chance for it to be resolved in your favour. It doesn’t look good if the FCA are sent many complaints that have been addressed to the CEO. The company doesn’t want to look bad.

I’ve now made a mental decision to log more complaints when I’m dissatisfied with service. I have logged complaints in the past about a few things, but I’m also guilty of not complaining when I should. I shall start about complaining about the prices of services I receive. I don’t see why I shouldn’t get discounts. After all I pay tax. I don’t live off other people. Why shouldn’t I get cut some slack?

Weekend Off

I’ve had this weekend off work. I don’t seem to have had many weekends to myself in the last few months. I’ve been doing Saturdays for other people just lately. At least I’ve got a few days off at the end of this month. I really need it. A break from the continuous calls, the boredom, the people asking for a discount because the price has risen by £1 per annum, the people telling me they’re pensioners, people relating their illness to me, people who think I can’t spell.

‘My name is Mr Cox. That’s C O X. Cox.’

Don’t worry I haven’t won the lottery yet. When I do I will slip up and call you Mr Penis. I shall do it deliberately if you think I can’t spell. And, no, I don’t want to hear about your haemorrhoids, boils, warts, kidney disease, enlarged testicles, diabetes, tumour, flu, earache, glandular fever, incontinence, worms, or whatever it is that you’ve got.

The place is enough to cause deep depression. It’s a wonder I haven’t been committed and sanctioned yet. Still, there’s time yet.

Try Thinking For Yourself

You can ask me all the questions you want about the policies our company sells. I can go into the exclusions, the inclusions, the claims, the length, the price, all sorts of details. I’m trained on the policies of the company I work for. If you want to ask me about policies that other companies sell you’re not going to get very far. Ring them and ask them.

A customer today was asking quite a few details about one of our policies. I was quite happy to answer his questions. He then began to relate details of another company’s policy. I can’t comment on this as I don’t have the details. All I can do is give the comparison from our company, which is exactly what I did. The customer then began to drone on. And I mean drone on. And on. And on. And on…

It was obvious that he was thinking out loud, but very mundane thoughts. It was also obvious that he was trying to get me to say which was the better policy. (Obviously I think it’s ours.) I can’t offer an opinion on that. I don’t know what the needs of his property are. As the homeowner he should know what is best for his home. Not me. Not an agent who works for another company. The homeowner should be getting details of the various policies, and then he should sit down and work out exactly which is more suited to his needs. It’s called thinking for yourself.

The simple act of thinking seems to be getting more difficult for a lot of people. It’s far easier to let someone else do it for them. Gives them someone to blame if things go wrong. I call it the art of laziness.

Doody-Dada Thingy

When someone tells you that they are phoning about a doody-dada thingy they’ve had, ‘you know the thingy-mabob you sent me’, then you are supposed to know immediately what they are talking about.

We all get doody-dada thingys in the post. Happens all the time. The the thingy-mabob pushes them through the thingy. You with me? Course you are.

Any way she was ringing about the thingy, the doody-dada thingy, and had a few questions for me.

‘Is the outside thingy-mabob covered? Does it cover the thingy in the house? You’re not very helpful. Put your manager on.’

I passed the thingy over to the thingy-mabob. Apparently I was very unhelpful and sounded like I couldn’t be bothered.