Doody-Dada Thingy

When someone tells you that they are phoning about a doody-dada thingy they’ve had, ‘you know the thingy-mabob you sent me’, then you are supposed to know immediately what they are talking about.

We all get doody-dada thingys in the post. Happens all the time. The the thingy-mabob pushes them through the thingy. You with me? Course you are.

Any way she was ringing about the thingy, the doody-dada thingy, and had a few questions for me.

‘Is the outside thingy-mabob covered? Does it cover the thingy in the house? You’re not very helpful. Put your manager on.’

I passed the thingy over to the thingy-mabob. Apparently I was very unhelpful and sounded like I couldn’t be bothered.


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